Sunday, September 19, 2010

AceBlogg #1: Introduction

What's up, and welcome to my blog!

My name is John Esteves, 20 years old, an AceBlogger with a dream of one day working in the game industry either through Journalism or in the studio! Yeah I know, I'm really shooting for that star, but I believe that my dedication in writing and love for video games will one day lead me somewhere if I work hard enough for it, y'know? So! I'm going to mainly update this blog with the latest news and announcements on what's happening in the game industry, and in the future hopefully write reviews on big titles like Vanquish and LittleBigPlanet 2.

I'm also an Anime watcher, my all time favorite being Outlaw Star, cause we all know Gene Starwind never gets old! Among other favorites are Gurren Lagann, GTO, Dragonball Z, School Rumble, ToraDora, Angel Beats, BECK, Fooly Cooly, Tenjo Tenge, and Cowboybebop. There is more to that list it's almost endless, I just wrote down the ones that came to mind. Anyways, I'll also be posting news on what's going on in the Anime industry and what's happening in the Land Of The Rising Sun! Those crazy Japs are bound to do something entertaining for us to read, so look forward seeing some crazy stories I put up in the future!

That's all I got to say for my introduction, looking forward to posting new material for you guys to read!

Stay Gold readers!

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