Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright crossover announced for 3DS!

Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton appearing together in a game for 3DS?!


I'm so excited right now I can't even hide it! The news completely took me by surprise after discovering the trailer that made my eyes water, now I have a solid good reason why I should purchase a 3DS. While I was expecting Phoenix Wright to eventually make his return on the 3DS, I was actually waiting for Capcom to announce "Ace Attorney 5", but teaming up with the folks at Level-5 and adding Professor Layton in the mix as a possible rival against the Ace Attorney made me questioned if this was to good to be true.

Well it's happening!

Shu Takumi, the designer behind the Ace Attorney series, made an appearance at Level-5 Vision to announce the joint project alongside Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino before surprising the crowd with the trailer, revealing animated cut scenes that also included voice overs and the return of Maya! Level-5 promises the game will put players against puzzles containing contradictions, both themes elements that are recognizable, respectively, from both the Layton and the Ace Attorney series.

The story involves both Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright finding themselves in a different world, they arrive to a medieval city called "Labyrinth City", where reality and illusions are intertwined together, and controlled by the antagonist that goes by the name of "Story Teller". The story is writes with his pen becomes reality as the future of the world, I assume he has the ability to manipulate reality.

The Town is known to be the homes of witches, and where magic exists (Can you imagine Phoenix's reaction when he finds out?). But lately there have been impossible occurrences going on in the town as of late, like in their respective series Professor Layton will tackle new puzzles to solve while Phoenix Wright is on a mission to prove his client innocent, who has come to seek his help after being accused of witch craft. The case will be called "Witch Trail", for those of you who are not familiar to the Ace Attorney series, the cases are named to match the crime being solved.

I'm DEFINITELY going to pre-order this game, and can't wait to see the words "OBJECTION!" pop out of the screen! The only way to make this Tuesday perfect is for Capcom to announce Phoenix Wright for Marvel Vs Capcom 3, lets continue to keep our fingers crossed Ace Attorney fans!

Also here's the debut trailer!

Also here's the official website, it's not open as of right now, but eventually it will be added with more content!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

AceBlogg #1: Introduction

What's up, and welcome to my blog!

My name is John Esteves, 20 years old, an AceBlogger with a dream of one day working in the game industry either through Journalism or in the studio! Yeah I know, I'm really shooting for that star, but I believe that my dedication in writing and love for video games will one day lead me somewhere if I work hard enough for it, y'know? So! I'm going to mainly update this blog with the latest news and announcements on what's happening in the game industry, and in the future hopefully write reviews on big titles like Vanquish and LittleBigPlanet 2.

I'm also an Anime watcher, my all time favorite being Outlaw Star, cause we all know Gene Starwind never gets old! Among other favorites are Gurren Lagann, GTO, Dragonball Z, School Rumble, ToraDora, Angel Beats, BECK, Fooly Cooly, Tenjo Tenge, and Cowboybebop. There is more to that list it's almost endless, I just wrote down the ones that came to mind. Anyways, I'll also be posting news on what's going on in the Anime industry and what's happening in the Land Of The Rising Sun! Those crazy Japs are bound to do something entertaining for us to read, so look forward seeing some crazy stories I put up in the future!

That's all I got to say for my introduction, looking forward to posting new material for you guys to read!

Stay Gold readers!